Grand Teton – 9.2.2011

After getting shut-down by two feet of snow on The Grand Teton last year (9.10.2010) with climbing partners Mark and Craig, I returned over Labor Day weekend of this year with Craig again to give it another shot.  We had a much better go of it this time around, as these pictures demonstrate (click the photo below).

On the trail, we ran into guide extraordinaire and good friend, Todd Passey (who Craig and I both met in Antarctica back in 2008 and Todd was also on my trip to Papua/Carstensz Pyramid as well earlier this year – small world sometimes).  After a quick chat regarding my intentions to head to Patagonia to climb in early 2012, Todd put me in touch with his friend, Willie Benegas (North Face sponsored climber with 9 Everest summits, which is among the most of anyone in the world, and Patagonia native).  So, I’ll be doing that trip with Willie, and his twin brother Damian, as we climb throughout Argentina for 3-weeks in preparation for Everest and with our sights on Cerro Torre and Cerro Fitzroy if the weather cooperates.  It should be incredible.

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