Taj Mahal – 3.19.2012

We made it to the Taj Mahal yesterday despite the 4+ hour drive to Agra each way from Delhi in the craziest traffic I’ve witnessed.  These drivers are all insane.  We saw a woman completely take out a motorcyclist with her car and then get hit herself, a family of FIVE on one moped, trained monkeys doing flips for money at busy intersections, among many other colorful scenes.  Quite a drive.  Fortunately, the Taj Mahal did not disappoint and was worth the exciting journey down India’s “highways.”  We went to Akbar’s tomb, who was the grandfather of Shah Jahan, who in turn built the Taj for his beloved third wife after she died giving birth to their 14th child.  Later Shah Jahan was overthrown by one of his sons from this fruitful marriage and was jailed at Red Fort where he stared across the river at the Taj Mahal mourning his long-past wife for the rest of his days.  Tough family… we visited Red Fort as well as the Taj during our time in Agra.  More pictures available by clicking the one above.  The highlight of the day, though, may have been when a nice Indian girl asked if she could have her picture taken with me because I look like Tom Cruise.  I guess all us white guys look alike over here.  Tom Cruise though?  Couldn’t I at least get a Matt Damon or Brad Pitt.  Something in the ballpark.  Carla received an Angelina Jolie though, so I think she was pretty content with that…

1 thought on “Taj Mahal – 3.19.2012

  1. Hey guys….It looks like you are having so much fun! We love looking at all of the pictures. I have forwarded them to several teachers in our school who are following your journey. We are currently trying to make it schoolwide, but the district may prevent the whole school from receiving the blogs (district policy thing) so I am forwarding them to teachers every time I get one from you. Thanks so much! These are quite the social studies/geography lessons! Be safe…..Cousin Ann

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