Leaving India – 3.23.2012

After returning to Delhi from Varanasi, we visited Chandni Chowk, which means “moonlit square” and serves as the main market in Old Delhi.  It is a maze of sights, sounds, smells, people, cows, dogs, narrow pathways and runaway rickshaws.  Vibrant to say the least.  We primarily visited for the spices and somehow located a store among all the madness that was recommended to us.  Apparently, our friends that recommended the store have great taste as Christine Lagarde, the new IMF President, shopped there the day before us and while we were there the daughters of the Saudi Royal family came in to shop.  Glad to know they have great taste as well…

On Friday we packed-up our belongings, headed to the airport and said goodbye to India.  What an incredible place.  We successfully managed all of my Everest expedition bags as well as the nearly 200 lbs in donated goods through the airport and on to Kathmandu.  Fortunately, we were picked-up at the airport by Ang Jangbu, who is the leader of our team’s logistics here in Nepal, and taken to our hotel, the Yak & Yeti.  The expedition suddenly became very real and tangible for me at that point, and only became more so when we stumbled into Conrad Anker and Cory Richards in the lobby of the Yak & Yeti and had the chance to chat a while about our respective plans.  They will be camped near us at Everest base camp, as they attempt the formidable West Ridge of Everest this season, so we will likely have the opportunity to catch-up more down the trail.  Meeting iconic climbers like Conrad and Cory immediately upon arrival in Kathmandu can only mean one thing… it’s nearly time to climb…

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