Esse Quam Videri – 5.20.2012

The time is finally here.  We will depart for Camp II from Base Camp around 3am on Tuesday, 5/22, with an eye toward summiting on Saturday, 5/26 (happiest of birthday wishes, Pop).  The rotation should be six days in duration if all goes according to plan, so I should return safely to Base Camp on 5/27, or 5/28 at the latest.  I will not have any means of communication during this time so please refer to the IMG site for updates on our progress.

It is an invigorating time here, as we finalize preparations, filled with equal parts excitement and anxiety.  Despite the questions, concerns, and doubts over the past several months, my determination has never wavered.  Now it is finally time to climb and to measure myself against this mountain.  I am healthy and feel as strong as I have in some time, so I intend to give it my all and let it all unfold in due time.

Thank you to all of you for your support and many words of encouragement.  It means more than you can know.  Also, thank you to my always supportive family.  I have the greatest parents in the world and the best big brother anyone could ever ask for and an incredible sister-in-law and nephew as well.  Finally, thank you to my incredibly supportive and understanding and beautiful girlfriend.  I miss and love all of you and couldn’t do this without your unwavering support.  I look forward to reuniting with all of you very soon.

As I’ve signed all of my letters for years…  Esse Quam Videri!  I hope that our paths soon cross and that until then yours is the good life.  May this note find you in good spirits and good health.  As always, take care of yourselves and each other, live each day to the fullest, share a laugh with friends and strangers alike, and most importantly…  Keep Smilin’!

Off to the top of the world,


16 thoughts on “Esse Quam Videri – 5.20.2012

  1. Best wishes for a safe and successful summit. We are all behind you and can’t wait to see you when you return!

  2. Hoping all goes well and you are able to accomplish your goal. Keeping you in my prayers and sending lots of positive thoughts your way. May you have a safe and successful journey to the top!

  3. No luck needed… You are strong & healthy and will stand on top of the world! Thinking of you & everyone else as you make your way up this amazing mountain. 🙂

  4. Good luck Jim!!! It has been fascinating following all your posts…..thx for sharing and have fun, be safe!!!

  5. It was great to talk today and reassuring to hear your voice. We know you have the strength both mental and physical to make it to the top of the world. You are in our prayers, and we look forward to celebrating your return in a few weeks!
    Best wishes from Will, Caroline and Mike

  6. Go Jim! I know you are strong enough both mentally and physically. Will keep you in my thoughts as you attempt the summit. Cannot wait to hear about the adventure when you return safely home! xoxoxo, Theile

  7. Go get em Jim. I cant wait to hear the stories when you get back down. Now get focused and do this thing….Vondo

  8. Good luck and stay safe! Thanks for sharing your amazing adventures with us. I can’t wait to hear all about the grand finale.

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