Everest Picture

I came across this picture of Everest, taken from Pumori Camp I, yesterday and thought it was worth sharing.  If you click on the link above, it will take you to a gigapixel picture of Everest.  This allows you to zoom to an incredible level of detail.  When I zoom all the way in, I can clearly pick out my personal tent at base camp (my home for nearly 2 months), see climbers in the Khumbu icefall (providing daunting scale to the picture) and see climbers approaching the base of as well as climbing the Lhotse Face.  You can make out the tents of Camp III halfway up the Lhotse Face as well and see the “trail” that has been kicked-in to the Lhotse Face through the Yellow Band and up to the Geneva Spur on the way to the South Col/Camp IV.  Incredible.

5 thoughts on “Everest Picture

    • Thanks. Not mine. Breashears took the shot, but definitely worth sharing. That’s what it looks like from the South, my friend. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to finish the job this time around, but we’ll see what the future holds… how are things with you? Did the Discovery show go through (I don’t think it was shown here in the States).

  1. Great image, Jim. I have forwarded it to all my family. It’s almost like I’m in the there. Happy holidays, and my best to all the Walkleys.

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