Dinner Guest

IMG_1879We had a visitor show-up the other night at dusk.  He didn’t seem at all skittish, so I would guess he has benefited from a few free meals from his human friends along the way.  Camden, fortunately, wasn’t there to greet him, but he did get a good whiff and has been eagerly searching for this elusive guest ever since… just faint footprints in the snow as his only lead.

Otherwise, I’ve been up in the hills quite a bit this week.  I was able to get in a few longer outings and late yesterday stood atop of peaks #46 & #47 of this training cycle by summiting Colorado Mines Peak (12,497′) & Mt. Flora (13,146′) on the Continental Divide.  I have one more week of training here in the mountains and then it is back to Denver to wrap things up, pack my gear and head out.  Two weeks from today, I will arrive in Bangkok on my way to Kathmandu.  It is hard to believe that it is nearly time…


2 thoughts on “Dinner Guest

  1. Hard to believe your trip starts in two weeks! You and Camden have climbed a ton of mountains together as part of your training. Best wishes for continued success in your training.

    Mike Walkley mwalkley@comcast.net Sent from my iPhone


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