Acclimatization Hike (18,000′) – 4.17.2014

P1010346Great acclimatization hike today to 18,000′.  That’s Cho Oyu (26,906′) in the background (with extremely high winds).  We’ll move to interim camp and then Advanced Base Camp (ABC) over the next 2 days.  Feeling great thus far.  Other than some interruptions from the base camp dogs partying under the full moon and some midnight snacking by the yaks next to our tents, sleep has been plentiful.  Pretty soon the real work (and real fun) begins!

4 thoughts on “Acclimatization Hike (18,000′) – 4.17.2014

  1. I remember some dogs keeping us up 2 nights in a row in Namche two years ago. The howling never stopped. Eventually we succumbed to the thin air and long days and slept. Keep pressing on, Jim.

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