Cho Oyu (26,906′) Summit – 5.17.2014

imageAfter awakening at Camp II (23,600′) at 2am and departing for the summit at 4am, we reached the summit of the world’s 6th tallest peak, Cho Oyu (26,906′) – The Turquoise Goddess – at 11am on 5/17. We then descended all the way back to Advanced Base Camp (18,500′) in one long, 17-hour push.

We have awakened here the day after and are relishing the experience. The smiles in the picture say it all. Special thanks to a remarkable team of Sherpas who despite a painful Himalayan season gave their all to make this a safe and successful climb. Amazingly, our combined team fixed the entire mountain for all of the Spring 2014 Cho Oyu climbers and, therefore, carried and fixed 11,500 feet (3,500m) of rope, plus the requisite snow pickets and technical gear, up Cho Oyu this season.

20 thoughts on “Cho Oyu (26,906′) Summit – 5.17.2014

  1. Congratulations. We are so excited for you, Mike, Matt, Willie and the whole team. We can’t wait to hear the stories and see the pictures.

  2. Congratulations! It certainly looks like a happy team way up there. We look forward to hearing more about the great accomplishment.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!! What a well deserved accomplishment. I am very proud of you and your perseverance. What a great job!! A memory only a few in the world have. Love you, Aunt Pat

  4. Well done!!! Congratulations. Glad to hear that it went well and without incident. I will look forward to seeing the pictures and hearing all the details. Not sure what your next steps are but look forward to seeing you on home soil soon.

  5. Jim…Congratulations!!!…..we are having dinner with your parents tonight and they will be more relaxed tonight than they were a few days ago….Pete and Kathy Nistad

  6. Way to go Jim! I look forward to seeing you again in the NW and hearing all about it. So, what’s next on this outing?

  7. Congratulations Jim-We at Urban Vet Care wanted to congratulate you on such an amazing accomplishment! Would you be o.k. with us sharing your story and a few pictures of you as well as you and Camden on our facebook page? Enjoy your hard-earned success!

  8. Happy Birthday Jim — wherever you are!! Hope you are warm and out of the cold weather for a little R & R!! Love you, Aunt Pat

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