Base Camp – 4.28.2015

Our comms are pretty intermittent currently, so please know that “no news is good news” for now.

We’re hearing of lines of people at the Kathmandu airport of 2-3 kilometers long awaiting limited seats on limited flights out of the country as well as ~1,500 people awaiting flights to Kathmandu in the small village of Lukla. The villages below base camp are damaged to varying degrees as other expeditions head down valley, but supplies will be limited and could dwindle quickly, so we intend to stay put in base camp for now as it is our best option amongst a set of increasingly poor ones.

We are healthy and focused on helping/supporting one another as well as our Sherpa brothers, while also trying to find a safe way home to friends and loved ones. Hope to see you soon.

2 thoughts on “Base Camp – 4.28.2015

  1. Dearest Jim and Carla, thank you for your updates. We pray for you often as well as our Daniel Plan group that you met and many others in our church and my Bible Study Fellowship. We are so thankful that you are alive and together.
    All our love,

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