Heading for home… hopefully – 4.30.2015

BIG avalanche off of Everest’s West Shoulder just now. Fortunately, it kept a somewhat respectable distance from base camp as we pack everything up, and serves as a prompt that it may be finally time to head out of here. Planning to start our way to Kathmandu tomorrow and head for home over the next several days… Stay tuned.

12 thoughts on “Heading for home… hopefully – 4.30.2015

  1. I’ve been following your posts. This is a truly unbelievable experience and glad you’re ok. Good luck and safe travels….hope to hear you’re back safe in the U.S. soon!

  2. Jim,

    Sorry to hear that you have once again found yourself in the midst of some pretty horrific circumstances. You are to be complemented on your grace and well-placed priorities. I hope your journey home goes well. Congratulations to you and Carla on your engagement… I’m sure the challenges in the next few days will only deepen the bond.

    Take care,


    • Thank you, Bob. Greatly appreciated. The challenges this presented certainly deepened our bond further. After having her fly-in to meet me in Thailand last year a day after the coup there, she is certainly “battle-tested,” although may be having a bit of buyer’s remorse…

  3. I have been worried. I knew Carlita and you were heading that way, but wasn’t sure if you were there at the earthquake. Big hug to you both. Safe travels, and God’s speed. Laura

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