The Seven Summits

7 summitsAccording to Wikipedia (if you can believe everything you read online): “As of 24 December 2011, it is reported that only 118 people have climbed the Seven Summits if one assumes ‘full’ completion of the quest requires climbing the ‘Eight Summits’ across both the Bass and Messner lists (climbing both Carstenz Pyramid and Kosciusko in addition to the other six ‘undisputed’ summits such as Everest).”  So, if successful on my upcoming expedition to Everest, I would be one of ~120 people that have successfully climbed all 8 peaks:

  1. Cerro Aconcagua (South America – 22,841′):  12/31/2000
  2. Denali/Mt. McKinley (North America – 20,320′):  6/12/2004
  3. Mt. Elbrus (Europe – 18,510′):  7/20/2006
  4. Mt. Vinson (Antarctica – 16,067′):  1/21/2008
  5. Mt. Kilimanjaro (Africa – 19,340′):  7/19/2010
  6. Mt. Kosciuszko (Australia – 7,310′):  2/21/2011 (Bass iteration)
  7. Carstensz Pyramid/Puncak Jaya (Oceania – 16,023′):  3/6/2011 (Messner iteration)
  8. Mt. Everest (Asia – 29,035′):  1st attempt in Spring of 2012, abandoned my summit attempt due to severe GI infection on 5/25/2012;  2nd attempt in Spring 2014 ended prematurely due to tragic serac collapse that killed 16 Sherpa in the Khumbu Icefall on April 18, 2014, ending the Everest climbing season while my team was climbing Cho Oyu;  3rd attempt in Spring 2015 thwarted by catastrophic, 7.8 magnitude earthquake that devastated Nepal and caused a massive avalanche that overwhelmed Everest base camp killing 19 people.

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