Vail skiing/ice climbing – 11.24-27.2011

I spent the long, Thanksgiving weekend with Carla in Vail.  We enjoyed a terrific Thanksgiving meal at La Tour on Thanksgiving night and skied off all of the carbs on Friday.  There wasn’t a lot of terrain open, although last year was an exceptional early season snow year, so it was a bit disappointing.  Regardless, the terrain that was open had nice snow conditions, so we got after it.

We had another Thanksgiving dinner with good friends, Bob & Di, upon their arrival in Vail on Friday evening, which hit the spot after skiing all day.  We all headed out, along with another friend, Hudson, for more turns on Saturday.  Fortunately, Vail continued to open new terrain as it had snowed 3-5″ overnight so we had a really nice ski day on Saturday, followed by a soak in the hot tub and a terrific dinner at Terra Bistro, which was excellent.

On Sunday, we headed to the ice of East Vail and were rewarded with some terrific early season ice conditions.  We climbed the flows of “Firehouse Right” in anticipation of an imminent return to get on the infamous East Vail climbs “Rigid Designator” and “The Fang” once the ice comes in a little more.  All in all, it was another terrific weekend in the mountains!

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