Skiing Breckenridge – 2.11.2012

Training continues, although recently training has consisted of strength training and cardio work-outs at the gym as I work through gear and logistical details for the upcoming trip.  As such, I haven’t spent as much time as I’ve wanted in the actual mountains, mostly due to an unstable snow pack and high avalanche danger, but I hope to get in more actual climbing in the weeks ahead.

Carla and I depart for India for phase I of the trip on March 16th, which is rapidly approaching (only 4 weeks away), so getting everything dialed-in now is paramount.  I meet the rest of the Everest expedition team in Kathmandu on 3/29 to begin phase II of the trip — the climb itself…

Carla and I went home to visit my parents the weekend of 2/2/2012 and also celebrated the one-year anniversary of our first date, which was a major milestone for this perpetual bachelor.  We had a really nice time with my folks and enjoyed weather in the 70s and even a few strolls on the beach, which provided quite the contrast to what lies ahead.

This past weekend, my best friend growing-up, Joey Suttle, came to visit.  We went to Widespread’s farewell (for now) acoustic “Wood Tour” on Friday and then skied at Breckenridge on Saturday.  It was a short weekend, but it’s always great to catch-up with close friends, especially prior to a big trip like this.  It seems to help me keep things in perspective, while also serving as a reminder of what a major undertaking this particular trip is going to be.  Thanks for coming out, Joe.

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