Back to Base Camp – 5/8/2012

I safely returned to base camp earlier today after spending 5 nights at Camp II and completing a touch-n-go of Lower Camp III (23,300′), which set a new personal altitude record for me.  The touch-n-go of Camp III was an important and necessary litmus test for the summit push, which is the next step.  I will rest for several days in ba(a week+ likely) while Camp III and Camp IV get established and the route from the South Col to the summit gets fixed.  So, I’m likely to head down valley to Pangboche (13,000′ or so) as early as tomorrow to recover in the even thicker air down there and rebuild some strength for the summit push to come… More details of the Camp III rotation to follow in the next several days.  Hope all is well with all of you.  It’s great to be back in base camp on this end and feeling strong.  Can’t wait for the summit rotation at some point over the next few weeks…

5 thoughts on “Back to Base Camp – 5/8/2012

  1. I’m so happy you’re feeling good, healthy and strong. Stay safe. It will be great to have some time at lower elevations and get ready for the summit! I’m so proud of u – ur doing amazing! I just can’t believe how incredible and determined u must be in order to continue pushing forward – u must really be set on making it up there 🙂 I’m glad to finally get some news from u and look forward to hearing more over the next week! Miss everyone and wish u the best of luck! Please pass my best wishes to the group!

  2. Man- I’ve been looking forward to these updates. We’ve been thinking about you. Stay safe and good luck. It has to be an unbelievable experience.

  3. Hi Jim,
    What am amazing journey and your account of it is truly inspiring!
    Thought you might like to hear how your parents are holding up. We played nine holes and had dinner with them 2 days ago. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree because they are strong and and fun as ever! You can tell they know how tricky this whole operation is but their faith in you is there every step of the way.
    Enjoy your R & R time!

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