Khumbu Climbing Center – 5.30.2012

Sherpas practicing proper belay techniques

We could not even harbor dreams of attempting Everest without the help of our tireless and irrepressibly strong Sherpa climbing partners.  To ensure that both they and their western climbing partners remain as safe on the mountain as possible, they need all the quality training that they can get.  Fortunately, in 2003, Conrad Anker and Jenni Lowe-Anker opened the Khumbu Climbing Center in Phortse (home to most of the IMG climbing Sherpas who made our successful expedition possible).  The Climbing Center’s stated mission is “to increase the safety margin of Nepali climbers and high altitude workers by encouraging responsible climbing practices in a supportive and community-based program.” 

In an effort to give back in a small way for all that the Sherpas did for me on this climb, I am holding a fundraiser in Denver to support the Khumbu Climbing Center.  I know that many of you live out-of-town and therefore cannot attend this humble event, but if you would like to support this terrific, non-profit organization you can make a tax-deductible donation via the website I have set-up to support this effort (weblink below).   All donations go through the Alex Lowe Charitable Foundation in the US directly to the Khumbu Climbing Center in Nepal and will be used to complete the actual school structure itself where the training occurs.

Thank you in advance for all generous donations (large and small) to this incredible organization: Khumbu Climbing Center and for helping me give back to those that helped make this trip possible.

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