President’s Weekend

IMG_1752We put in a relaxed training weekend in the mountains over President’s Weekend.  Although it is typically one of the busiest weekends of the year in Colorado’s high-country, we managed to avoid the crowds for the most part and enjoy a fun weekend of skiing, snowshoeing and relaxing (I am happy to report that it is actually possible to watch the entire 2nd season of House of Cards in a single 3-day weekend if one should be so inclined).  Carla and I headed up with the pup and spent a luxurious weekend at the Holiday Inn in Frisco, CO (that’s where you stay if you book late for the busiest weekend of the year).  We got in a great ski day at Breckenridge on that Saturday as we were pummeled by the high winds that make Breckenridge famous (aka “BreckenFridge”).  Perhaps, it was those winds that limited the crowds to a manageable level and allowed us to enjoy a day on the slopes without the typically horrendous lift lines.  Regardless, we were grateful.  We also got in a great snowshoe outing up Mt. Royal, between Frisco and Copper, and you can tell from the picture above just how much the pup hates the snow (snow baths rule!).

IMG_1777We also had the pleasure to catch-up with friends while we were in Summit County for the long weekend and helped good friend, Ryan Chreist, usher in his 40s.  Don’t worry, Ryan, I hear 40 is the new 19.  It was great to see Ryan and his wonderful wife, Liz, as well as Bill & Dana Licko, Robb Moody, Randy Chreist, Adam Sexton, Amanda McAllister and everyone else.  I only wish that we had planned our day better so that we could have stayed longer to enjoy the good times a bit more.  Hopefully, we’ll have the chance to all celebrate together again before too long (certainly upon my return in June at the latest!).

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