“Denver Broncos team photographer, Erik Bakke, left, with Carla Favaro and Jim Walkley. Walkley has climbed all but one of the highest peaks on each continent; he’ll climb the seventh, Mount Everest, in the spring.” (Photo: David Zalubowski, Denver Post)

I was very humbled recently when asked by good friend, Scott Esmond (who chairs the CO Make-a-Wish Foundation), to participate as a “celebrity waiter” for a Make-a-Wish fundraiser.  I was, of course, happy to help in any way possible for such a noble cause, but was a bit nervous about being touted as a “celebrity.”  Mostly, I was self-conscious of disappointing any big donors that would be “stuck” at my table vs. another, perhaps more-worthy-of-the-title celebrity.  Fortunately, Peyton and some other big, local stars weren’t in attendance, so that helped ease the pressure a bit.  Once I realized that my table was stacked with friends, I was able to relax and fully enjoy the evening.  I suppose it’s easier to “disappoint” those you know well as opposed to complete strangers!

Regardless, it was a terrific evening.  We ended up raising $220,000 in total for a great cause, significantly exceeding the initial $60,000 goal.  I am proud to have played even a small part of such a great event.  Special thanks to Scott & Laura Esmond, their wonderful parents, Ben & Suz Focht, and Rob & Annie Campbell for making it an extra special night.

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