Great article

This is a great article by acquaintance and long-time IMG guide, Mike Hamill. The video captured 3/4 the way down the article of the avalanche at base camp is indescribable if you haven’t seen it already.

So grateful even more weren’t injured or killed. Had the earthquake and subsequent avalanche happened even 24 hours previously, before many teams left for Camp I on an acclimatization rotation, and/or occurred at night when many more would have been in their tents, the casualties would have been exponentially higher.

Lukla & Kathmandu – 5.1.2015


Heli flight out of base camp

Carla and I made it to Kathmandu safely today after a late heli flight from base camp to Lukla last night.

We feel very fortunate and grateful to be here, although it’s surreal to be in the warm sunshine of Kathmandu and sitting in a nice, grassy garden writing this post. It’s quite the juxtaposition from the cold and devastation at base camp, let alone the destruction nearby in other parts of the city/country/region.

Big thank you to Willie for his leadership and tenacity in making it happen and Matt for his always upbeat demeanor. Hopefully, on to Bangkok tomorrow and home on May 3rd. More on ideas of how people can help those so devastated by these events in Nepal soon.