Nepal’s Suffering Compounded

P1020656As the suffering in Nepal seems to have no end after today’s 7.3 magnitude earthquake, I am extraordinarily proud of the great work my friends and climbing partners are doing to help the people of Nepal on their road to recovery.  Here is a terrific article written by my 17 year-old climbing partner, Matt Moniz, about his efforts in conjunction with super-twins, Willie & Damian Benegas, to help build a self-sustaining recovery in the hard-hit rural villages of the Manaslu region.

Additionally, please consider donating to any of the great relief organizations doing work to help Nepal’s recovery.  My deepest gratitude to all of you that have already done so or plan to do so.  To make things as easy as possible, I’ve provided a link below to my fundraising page which supports many of the incredible organizations making a difference every day in this time of great need.

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