Please Help Us Make a Difference – 5.9.2015

P1020652Although Carla and I have been home nearly a week, and are extraordinarily grateful to be home safely among friends and loved ones, our heavy hearts remain with all of those who were so severely impacted by the tragic earthquake that struck Nepal on April 25th.  Witnessing the destruction and devastation firsthand, even on such a limited basis, has left an indelible mark on our souls.  We both awaken in the middle of the night after dreaming of the devastation and/or wondering through the blur of wakefulness if the ground beneath our bed is shaking.  So, we can only imagine how our friends in Nepal feel as they lie awake at night in open fields, with empty bellies, under tarps (for the lucky ones), next to their homes that were shaken to the ground.

Therefore, we have decided that in lieu of gifts for our upcoming wedding, we are asking our friends and family to donate to the relief and recovery efforts that will be ongoing in Nepal for weeks, months and years to come.  After much research, I have put together a fundraising page to support a few of the organizations that I am most familiar with and that are doing amazing work to help the people of Nepal get back on their feet and restore their country to the beautiful, vibrant place we know and love.

The GlobalGiving Earthquake Relief Fund, the default option on our fundraising page, is providing support (nearly $2.5MM thus far) to a broad range of NGOs active in Nepal focused on both immediate relief as well as long-term recovery.  Some of these organizations include:  International Medical Corps, Save The Children, International Disaster Volunteers, CARE Nepal, among many others.

Colorado-based dZi Foundation is focused on the hard-hit, remote villages where they work. In their words:  “all infrastructure has been damaged or destroyed. Aside from dZi, no other aid organizations work in these remote areas. We are focusing our funding on helping to rebuild these and the neighboring forgotten communities.”

Meanwhile, the American Himalayan Foundation is providing 100% of donations to its Earthquake Recovery Fund to those in need and “has been working in Nepal for 34 years, building deep relationships and responding to the priorities and concerns of the communities we work with. The strong partnerships we have developed over the years give us a foundation to build effective recovery projects upon, even in the most rural areas. And our long history and connection with the Himalaya further intensifies our commitment to helping the people of Nepal recover from this devastating tragedy.”

Please support our efforts and those of these great organizations to help the people in Nepal on their road to recovery.  And, thank you in advance for your gracious and generous donations.

Also, please note that currently an anonymous donor on GlobalGiving is matching monthly recurring gifts, which helps leverage your gifts further (while matching funds last and for recurring gifts that are 3-months or more in duration).

With sincere gratitude.

4 thoughts on “Please Help Us Make a Difference – 5.9.2015

  1. Hi Jim,

    Glad to hear you are home safely. Last fall Joni and I trekked to Everest base camp. While there we befriended a number of Nepalese locals, including a young man who we decided to financially support his education. He is from Thame, the son of a yak herder/raiser. Kami, is smart, inquisitive and has a thirst for learning. Prior to the earthquake he had just finished his first semester at university in Kathmandu. He was doing great and we felt his pride and ambition.

    Although he was spared in the quake, his entire village was destroyed and his Father killed. He has left school and is home trying to help rebuild his village and help families left behind. This is one of thousands who have been impacted by the devastation from the earthquake. It has become in a sense, our story as well.

    We have made a contribution to World Vision who currently have almost 100 of their staff on the ground in Nepal. Thank you for your personal generosity and we remain hopeful that your fundraising effort is very successful. Until then we pray for healing; physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially.

    Warm regards,

    Leonard and Joni

  2. Jim,

    I was hiking with Greg Stanley last weekend and he told me his daughter quit her job to join global giving…..two weeks before the earthquake. She is headed to Nepal with her husband shortly to qualify relief agencies. Based on what he told me global giving is a top notch group. Laura and I will certainly make a large contribution. We do it for the people, for your wedding and because it is just the right thing to do.

    Marty and Laura

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